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The world is ever changing

In the great spiral of life

 How do we dance

With the symphony of creation

The rhythmic order of life

There may soon come a time when we will no longer have access to the comforts & technologies that we have become accustomed to. We feel it is important to come together as community to share inspirations and practical knowledge on how we can best adapt to the fast currents of change of our times.


In the core, what guides the purpose for this gathering is the clarion call that if we are to continue to live & flourish on this planet we must awaken from the cultural conditioning that we are separate from nature. In each of our hearts is the eternal wisdom that we are a part of the natural world. We are nature. And so it is fundamental for us to revive a way of living in harmony with who we are. 


Nature is symbiotic. It exist as a unified field wherein all aspects are significant to the whole. It is the ultimate community. A community consisting of animals, plants, trees, people, minerals, spirits and the elements - earth, water, wind, fire, ether. To live in symbiotic relationship with nature means we honour the powerful forces that make us. We take care of the land, the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, the plants and the animals; without which we cannot exist and thrive on Earth. With gratitude for the reciprocal dance with all living beings, we take responsibility to regenerate resources we use to support our daily lives.

Each action we take to live in a sustainable way is a step to remembering the sanctity of life restoring our paradise earth. Coming together as community activates the ancient knowing that life communicates unity. We are inter-dependant. Optimum health is fundamental to sustaining life - detoxifying our body, our mind and our homes, increases life force and our ability to explore our holistic potential. Re-wilding the land and cultivating organic food restores the natural order. Using less artificial tools and more natural materials for our practical needs will generate less waste. 

In a world where the trend of technology is being shaped into something that feels so un-human and unnatural, it can be easy to lose sight on the human technological potential. We can learn to build and utilise technologies that function as part of the harmonious whole. Technologies that do not result in division, degeneration and lack, but instead innovation that brings awareness to the unity and abundance of life. Our actions in every way ripple an effect to the divine web of creation.

Our Light's prayer is to inspire and realise a loving world of beauty and balance through shared exploration of these offerings :

  • Daily community sharing of food, group council & creativity

  • Supporting local organic food growers & zero-waste shops

  • Off-grid solar power for all of the event's on site energy needs 

  • Free locally sourced spring water for drinking

  • Water source for sanitation from the land

  • Composting toilets | Food Composting

  • Minimal Waste Ethos

  • Encouraging health awareness by providing high vibrational plant based organic food made with love, abundant spring water and an alcohol and drug free gathering.

  • Learning and practicing sustainable methods in permaculture gardening, water regeneration, wild food foraging, tools and instrument making from natural materials.

  • Learning how plants can heal and balance our total being

  • Healing and Meditation practices through Yoga, Sound Medicine, Plant Medicine and Conscious Relating.

  • Encouraging free expression, sovereignty and collaboration 

  • Touching the sacred and the mysterious through art, music and dance.



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