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Held within the soft beauty of West Dorset, Overlooking a magical landscape of rolling hills and the Ocean

There is one divine light that breaths through us all.  We are reflections of each other’s desire to live in freedom and harmony. In each sacred heart is the eternal emanation that touches all of creation. In these dawning days, our willingness to share our light empowers the spirit of transformation that allows for freedom to evolve.

Our light 

Is our living truth

It is our power

That resides in the perfection of our hearts

Our Light is a fully off-grid gathering focused on community co-creation, healing and sustainability. A beautiful space to be inspired, celebrate our individual expression and ignite our collective power to build the foundations for the new earth.


We are being called to no longer be passive participants, but to be active creators of what we would like to see in the world. We are blessed to be here witnessing the great turning of the ages. The old system of disease, isolation and wasteful consumption is crumbling and it is in our hands to weave the fabric for the enlightened planetary society based on community relations and a healthy sovereign life in harmony with nature.

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"What an incredible week! Words are unable to communicate the depth of my love and gratitude to all of you beautiful beings, for creating a space for so much healing. My heart is full" 

" How grateful I am for the week I've just had. It was honestly one of the most profoundly moving festivals I have ever been to, and I feel so fortunate to have shared it with you all. I feel like it has grounded me in quite a tumultuous time in my life, and allowed me an insight into some fresh perspectives which I will carry with me moving forward."



The full location and more information is given following a ticket purchase on the ticket confirmation.


For those travelling by public transport, you will be heading near DT6 3UD, Melplash.


The most accessible nearby train stations are Dorchester & Axminster.

From Dorchester or Axminster there are some travel links:

You can take a bus to Bridport. From Bridport a Taxi directly,

Or limited bus to Melplash then 0.9 mile walk to the site.


The closest train stations are Maiden Newton & Crewkerne. From either you can take a 20 minute taxi ride straight to the gathering.

Buses are limited here so make sure you check the timetables below.

Please check what is the best option dependent on where you travel from, and please contact us if you need any help. Our email and phone numbers are on the contact page of this website.


Local Taxi Numbers:


Bus Timetables:

On the page linked below check for Bus X51 to get from Axminster/ Dorchester to Bridport & Bus 6 from Bridport to Melplash


  • Tickets include 2 nourishing vegan meals each day, catered by an Ayurvedic chef. With help from the community. (all with have the opportunity to help in the kitchen to prepare food).

  • There will be healthy drinks and treats for sale throughout the gathering

  • This is a camping event, please bring all relevant equipment you will need.

  • Please bring plates/ Bowls, cups and cutleries for meals and drinks to minimise waste. 

  • We are strongly encouraging conscious awareness towards waste. We Kindly ask that any waste you dispose of within the gathering be properly cleaned & sorted into Landfill, Recycling & Compost.

  • Please bring a yoga mat or similar, blanket and anything else you need to be comfortable.

  • This gathering is a space orientated around health and healing, We will not provide Alcohol and ask that none will be brought or consumed throughout the event.

  • Only ceremonial use of Tobacco or other plants are allowed on site, we ask for all other use to be outside the gathering.

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